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July 30, 2019

That’s great!  In this article we would like to share the different methods of how you could achieve bright smile with white teeth, without harming the health of your teeth! But BEWARE, you must know how to choose the right one, we do not want to hurt the health of your teeth!

You have probably noticed that your teeth or the teethof someone you know have changed color to a more yellowish or darker shade overtime. This can come from different reasons: bad eating habits, foods that stainteeth rich in colorants, wine, tea or coffee. Unhealthy habits such as poororal hygiene that produces the accumulation of bacterial plaque, and laterturned into tartar, or another bad habit such as smoking. Factors such as age,antibiotics, lack of enamel, excess fluoride or mouthwashes with chlorhexidine(patients under periodontal treatment) also influence the staining of thetooth.

The color of your tooth is defined by the dentine, is aninternal part of the tooth that has a yellowish color, this has sensitivity, onthe other hand, we have the enamel, which covers the tooth to protect it, istransparent and has no sensitivity, (formed mostly by a composition of calcium)is exposed to possible damage and erosion, if you damage it will produce dentalsensitivity (sign that you have the dentine exposed) which must be protected.It is very important to know this when performing a tooth whitening.

Having white teeth is a mustnowadays, that’s why we find thousands of offers and varieties in themarket such as whitening toothpastes, whitening agents, or what is now veryfashionable, bloggers (youtubers) who teach how to whiten your teeth withhomemade methods,etc. These are not always good advice, as they can damage your enamel and notreach the desired color.

Whitening toothpastes promise very good results withtheir use, but the truth is that whitening toothpastes manage to clean andbrighten your teeth, they have a superficial lightening effect, they do notchange the natural color of your tooth.

The Whitening Agents are very good, it is necessary toknow which is the correct one, they come in several gel formats, dental stripsor covers, ambulatory treatment or treatment in consultation. It is veryimportant to put yourself in the hands of a specialist, to advise you which isright for your needs, know the right amounts and not damage your enamel, gums,and mucous membranes. The component used in these products is 35% hydrogenperoxide. Peroxide whitens teeth by penetrating the tooth and reacting withmolecules that cause stains or color changes.

Home methods are very dangerous, mostly because the main ingredient in these methods is bicarbonate. This is a salt, and as such is formed by tiny crystals that if we mix it with water and rub it to our teeth we can scratch our enamel (it does not regenerate). Acids are also prone to enamel wear. Like lemon juice or very acid fruits.

If you do this at home repeatedly you will see a slight result in the short term, this result is due to tooth enamel wear, but in the long term it is very harmful to health.

With all this information, we would like to point out that, many offers of miracle products or home remedies might help you to achieve bright smile and white teeth for a short time, but we want you to have a radiant, white and above all very healthy smile. Visit True Smile Works Dental Clinic at Marsa Plaza, Dubai Festival City for consultation and check-up.

Your oral health will thank you.

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