ORTHODONTICS Orthodontics is the specialty that diagnoses and corrects teeth misalignment, which may cause negative functional effects and bad teeth aesthetics. The teeth can be moved with removable appliances or fixed braces. Our clinic offers the entire range of orthodontic treatments including retainers, aligners, and braces (ceramic, lingual, metal, clear, and Invisalign).

a Wonderful Experience

The best Orthodontist i have ever met is Doctor Rizvan, she is so kind and truly care about her patient. I hope for her a happy life.

Dreamer Emi

a Wonderful Experience

I highly recommend Dr. Ioannis. The only reason I visit this clinic is because of him. He is very friendly, helpful and professional. Basically, I am going after him for last 3 years. Thank you

Marjel Sula

a Wonderful Experience

Excellent professionals and customer service. Great facilities. They explained to me the treatment to follow and why I needed it. I was provided with an accurate budget. They did a proper follow-up of my treatment and the doctors were very kind in answering my queries. I highly recommend True Smile Works.

Rebeca De La Torre