PROSTHODONTICS In extreme cases where the tooth is severely damaged or received a root canal treatment, we can utilize a crown to help protect the tooth from fracture, giving it a natural appearance and normal function. A bridge is used for missing teeth, which are replaced by shaping the neighboring teeth and fixing a custom-made structure to fill the existing gap, giving back the natural appearance and normal functional operation. Dentures are used in cases when several teeth or all teeth are missing. Our dentist will provide partial or full prostheses that allow the patient to eat normally and enhance the smile.

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Highly competent staff. They had only 10% to keep my teeth and they used it! I'm very happy with their services. Very kind and useful reception. Everything is new (new building, new equipment). Highly recommend.

Yulia Conti Bura

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I was there with my friend ,the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi is in terms of treatment, especially the cooperative and attentive front desk, so satisfying. I am going to make my appointment , highly recommended.

Ammara Aslam

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Excellent service and competent staff. Safe and clean environment.

Kris Garuna