January 2, 2020

Numerous patients explain that their fear of the dentist is the result of bad experience they had encountered during their childhood or some painful treatments in the past. Other consequences are psychological and do not respond to traumatic experiences.

In both cases, there are always techniques that can bring the patient closer to the doctor, making him or her trust in the dental team and step-by-step become familiar with the working techniques employed.

In the case of children, both dentists and parents are responsible to ensure that the child has good dental care experiences.  Parents with a good oral care knowledge should communicate to their children the importance of developing hygiene habits from the earliest age. This can be achieved by making brushing the teeth as a family moment and reviewing their brushing at the end.

As for the dentists using positive language and phrases such as “Everything is going to be fine…”, “You’re behaving phenomenally…”, “We’ll finish right away…”, “You’re going to get a prize” would help to ease the child.

In the case of adults, establishing good communication between the patient and the dentist is very important. The dentist should explain in details the treatment to be carried out, its duration and what the patient will feel during the procedure, helped by the hygienist who should clarify any remaining doubts. The more information the patients have, more relaxed and comfortable they feel at the dentist.

At True Smile Works we want you to trust your dentist and help you to get over your fear of the dentist. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work and to make the whole experience a positive one overall. Do you want to come over and check it out?

Clinic Coordinator

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