March 30, 2019

Do you know that our clinics are certified according to the guidelines of an international standard called UNE-EN ISO 9001 that applies to quality management systems? What does this mean?

It means that we provide and control the means and resources necessary to offer excellent quality in the provision of our services promoting the process of continuous improvement.

Reception at one of our clinics in Alicante

Surely you have ever entered a dental clinic for the first time and while waiting in the waiting room you are attentive to everything that happens around you, from the comfort of the waiting room, how the staff is dressed, the image of the clinic, how the staff is directed to the patients…etc. These little details to which we pay attention make us have a first positive or negative impression of what we are seeing.

Waiting rooms in Clinic Asisa Dental Elche

Well, in our clinics we want to take maximum care of these first impressions and our patients feel comfortable and safe from the outset, which is why we bet on changing the image of Asisa Dental clinics adapting them to the needs of our patients and providing them with the best equipment in cabinets (dental chairs, and instrumentation), sterilization rooms and X-ray rooms.

Waiting rooms for children and adults at Clinic Asisa Dental Alicante

Asisa Dental Clinic Cabinet Barcelona

Our daily work is to ensure the quality of care for our patients by our team of dentists, assistants, receptionists and coordinators, we want the relationship with patients to be as safe, reliable and satisfactory.

We are committed to the training and retraining of our professionals to improve the quality of the treatments carried out.

*We invest effort in complying with the requirements of standards and legal in health centers, in the maintenance and care of equipment and infrastructures, in the monitoring and evaluation of our suppliers and in establishing the appropriate safety controls in the sterilization and management processes of the clinics.

Ray Room at Asisa Dental

*We listen to you. We want patients to feel listened to and be the promoters of our improvements and excellence in the quality of our services. To support their needs, we have a team of professionals who are part of the Department of Patient Care.

Quality is our priority and we don’t want you to lose your smile, we are waiting for you at ASISA DENTAL.

Article by: Responsible for Quality at Asisa Dental