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March 30, 2019

We are increasinglyaware of oral health from very early ages, however for different reasons mayappear certain cavities in milk teeth, let’s see the main reasons, how todetect them and see what to do with them.

A child does not haveto have cavities, as we have said before can sometimes appear, can be fordifferent reasons, let’s see some, so we can avoid bad habits or correct them.

Inadequate hygiene: Atcertain ages brushing can be a bit of a hassle, and doing so can be hard work,it is advisable for the adult to make the child see that brushing can be fun(inventing some animated story) or even do it at the same time. It is importantto check the final brushing.

Food rich in sugars: Adiet with excess sugars such as sweets, pastries, soft drinks, juices, etc. canincrease the risk of tooth decay in baby teeth.

Poor Enamel, geneticpredisposition: In this case, it is not because of abad habit, it is something that the child suffers, and it will be easier forcaries to appear, the only thing we can do is to be more alert, avoid theprevious point of the diet as much as possible and have a more exhaustivehygiene control.

What to do if we have a cavity in ababy tooth.

When wehave a milk cavity IF we must fill it. Children must be treated for cavitiesand avoid infections, bruises and pains. We cannot leave the damaged piece, itis a focus of infection that can have repercussions, it can even affect thepermanent piece that will have a very important function tomorrow.

Baby teeth have several functions:Chewing, aesthetic and serves as a guide for the eruption of the final denture.If we lose milk teeth prematurely, the spaces close and the adequate eruptionof the definitive teeth is altered, the teeth appear later in an incorrectposition or they can even be retained inside the maxillary bone, as there is nospace for them to come out.

For this reason, I would like toemphasize modifying as much as possible the diet rich in sugars, have anexhaustive brushing, reviewed by an adult, and make periodic check-ups withyour trusted Pediatric Dentist.

In Asisa Dental ourOdontopediatras oversee taking care and curing the smiles of the smallest ofthe house, in a close, affectionate and amusing way, until the moment of theTooth Fairy.