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June 25, 2019

Many people have periodontal orgum problems and are unaware of their existence. It is a long illness, with fewsymptoms of pain. It is rarely seen indental check-ups and is normally due to poorperiodontal health.

The gums should be pink, notbleeding and firm. The carnosity that surrounds the teeth and molars should befirm,surrounding part of the root of the tooth.

The problem usually begins with a gingivitis or inflammation of the gums, where they lose the pinkish color. With time the bleeding in the daily brushing appears frequently. The evolution is usually from gingivitis to periodontitis and the last stage -if it occurs- is pyorrhea (or widespread infection) that causes the weakening of the bone with the likely fall on many occasions of the affected parts without the need to be present cavities.

Aloe Vera y health

The minimumannual check-ups to the dentist to consult ourdental health are essential. A professional oversees supervising and applyingthe treatments that he considers necessary. In many occasions if an excess oftartar is detected it is necessary to proceed to a cleaning of the teeth indepth to remove that excess. But a mechanical cleaning of the teeth in depthdoes not ensure that the diseased gum is being cleaned due to the accumulationof tartar in it.

Aloe Vera can bevery useful to help improve periodontal health provided that the state of theteeth has been previously checked. It is usually a way toprevent, regenerate and eliminate bacteria that affect our gums.

The anthraquinones present inAloe Vera help us to fight the germs that can contain our teeth. Theirbactericidal and analgesic action help us a lot to be able to easily fightthese bacteria that can accumulate in our gums. The fluoride in toothpastes issomething that sells a lot, but there are few people who need fluoride forteeth, so in periodontal or gum health have always used mouthwashes or rinses,which are bactericides to kill these bacteria that accumulate in the teeth.Aloe Vera has the advantage of being a powerful natural bactericide to killthem.

Streptecocus mutans, the tartar-causing bacteria, can be combated with Aloe Vera because of the above and offers protection against caries caused by this bacterium.

How to use Aloe Vera in the mouth?

It can be used from the plant itself, removing thebark, cleaning well the internal gel to remove the aloin and rubbing the gel bythe gums and teeth every day, then you can ingest the piece of pulp for greaterbenefits. You can also gargle with juices, use toothpastes that come to marketwith Aloe Vera, etc.