Dr. Tina Kumar

July 29, 2020

Master’s Degree in Endodontics, India

Dr Tina Kumar is a Specialist Endodontist who received her degree from A.B Shetty College, Mangalore as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dentistry with academic distinction and was awarded a medal for securing a top rank in her university (2006). Later, she continued her dental studies and obtained her master’s degree in Endodontics from The Rajiv Gandhi University, India (2010). Thereafter, she held a faculty position at the Oxford Dental College as a Senior Lecturer, .

She has served and worked for the Abu-Dhabi Government Sector, SEHA, United Arab Emirates, for 5 years and other private clinics in the past.

Being active in the field of Endodontics exclusively in the past 11 years, Dr Kumar has maintained an acute interest in recent advancements in material science and modern innovations in the field of endodontics by attending numerous national and international seminars and conferences. Dr Kumar has been a speaker at various conferences.

Dr Tina Kumar’s specialty is root canals and their treatment – the preservation of teeth by disinfecting roots and re-treatment of teeth that have previously failed root canal treatments, restorative dentistry, bleaching, and crowns. She enjoys working with both adults and children.