طب أسنان الأطفال

طب أسنان الأطفال في ترو سمايل وركس نقدم علاج الأسنان للأطفال حديثي الولادة حتى المراهقة. وتشمل أيضاً علاج أطفال ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة. عندما نقوم بعلاج أي طفل، تركيزنا الأساسي هو تثقيف الأهل أو المريض ثم العلاج الوقائي باستخدام المواد المانعة للتسرب والمواد الهلامية الفلورايد، وترميم الأسنان مثل الحشوات وبعض الأحيان استئصال العصب لمنع فقدان المساحة. في الحالات التي لا يمكن فيها الحفاظ على الأسنان، يمكننا استخدام أداة الحفاظ على الفراغ، وهي عبارة عن جهاز خاص لمنع أي اختلال إطباق الأسنان حتى تبرز الأسنان الدائمة في المساحة المتاحة. ونتعامل مع جميع حالات الطوارئ للأطفال.

تجربة رائعة

Dr Areez and her team at True Smile Works are amazing. Extremely professional, accommodating, and the premises are first class! Dr Areez is meticulous, taking the time to do her very best every single time you see her. All of the dental assistants know exactly what you need without you having to say a word. My daughter was terrified of the dentist before coming to see Dr Areez, but now after seeing her, she ASKS to go back!! She is amazing with children, and our family will keep going back!

Marnie Aneta

تجربة رائعة

I cannot recommend True Smile on Reem Island enough. All the staff from the receptionist, to the technician, to the dentist, were amazing, friendly and professional! I saw Dr Areez and she was fantastic and very thorough. I am thankful to have found a dentist that I will return to all the time now.

Rachel Harrison

تجربة رائعة

The clinic is brand new, very clean, fully equipped and easy to access with shaded parking available. There is an area provided with nice and safe wooden toys for children to play which is a big plus. The Reception staff are very friendly and treats every patient like a VIP. The medical staff are nice and very competent. We saw Dr. Areez Al Farisi who was very thorough in her work with myself, my wife and our little 20 months old daughter. A follow up call to check that everything is fine from Dr. Areez few hours after we left the clinic was highly appreciated.

Walid Aryan

تجربة رائعة

I visited the clinic Frankly, you have been in sophistication and treatment is very excellent in particular d. Tina her hand, God willing, cold and fast The location and the view are very excellent And reception at the top of magnificence and sweet treatment From my heart, thanks.

Amro Elmubarak