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May 10, 2019

Nowadays aestheticshas become a fundamental factor when developing our social and professionalactivity, as well as a very important ingredient to cultivate our self-esteem.Within these considerations, we cannot ignore the protagonist of a beautifulsmile, which can be our best letter of introduction to others and a source ofwell-being with ourselves. A pleasant smile is a sign of physical and emotionalhealth.


First,the dentist is the one who can assess whether we have good oral health and, ifnot, can advise us on the solutions to achieve it. Secondly, he is the one whocan propose appropriate treatments in our case to improve the appearance of oursmile. It is important to know that without a healthy mouth we will not be ableto enjoy a beautiful mouth, so it is the dentist who should oversee the DENTALAESTHETICS.

Nowadays AestheticDentistry has become a speciality, but it is also closely related to otherspecialities of Dentistry such as Orthodontics, Periodontics, DentalProsthesis, Conservative Dentistry, etc.


The aesthetic treatmentpar excellence in dentistry is dental whitening. It is essential to have anattractive smile that the teeth have a clear shade and natural appearance. Thedentist has increasingly sophisticated means to measure the color of thepatient’s teeth and get with their treatments clarify it. It is desirable forthe dentist to assess the age, skin color, previous dental treatments and thatthe result is in accordance with all this, avoiding too artificial colors.

Normally, gel products such as Carbamide Peroxide or HydrogenPeroxide are used in different concentrations. The application of thesechemical agents can be done in consultation by the professional or at home bythe patient (always following the instructions of your dentist). Sometimesphysical agents such as ultraviolet light is also applied. The duration and type ofwhitening used should be determined by a dentist depending on each patient.

It is not advisable, and can be dangerousfor oral health, to perform dental whitening without the supervision of adentist and/or with products whose suitability is not endorsed by healthagencies (e.g. products purchased online or in perfumeries, etc.). Withoutthese guarantees, we could cause dental sensitivity problems or abrasions inthe dental enamel.


Orthodontic treatments consist of using fixed or removableappliances to place the teeth in an appropriate position to achieve betterocclusion (gearing of the pieces) and aesthetics. Nowadays orthodontictreatments can be carried out at any age, also in adults and very discreetlyaesthetically (invisible orthodontics INVISALIGN type, lingual orthodontics,porcelain braces …).

Our orthodontist can contribute in a very effective way toobtain a harmonic smile from the functional and aesthetic point of view.


The health of our gums and the way in whichour smile shows more or less of it is an aesthetic factor of the first order.On many occasions, before undertaking other types of dental aesthetictreatments, it is necessary to be previously treated by a gum specialist(periodontist). It is important to start from healthy gums and sometimes evenperform a “gingival contouring” so that the treatments we do later onthe teeth have an optimal aesthetic result.


Dental veneers are another of the classic treatments of Aesthetic Dentistry and their results are spectacular in many cases, being also in general quite conservative treatments with dental tissue. They consist of fixing on the external face of the tooth a thin sheet of material with the desired shape and color, giving the same the desired appearance.

There are two types of materials for veneers: composite and porcelain. In each case the dentist will advise us which is best for our situation. Each material has its specific technique, its advantages and disadvantages.


There are times when the changes to be made to a smile are very deep or must be made more quickly, so it is worth “carving” the teeth to place crowns made entirely of porcelain. Nowadays, porcelains achieve very high levels of quality, resistance and aesthetics, imitating better and better the enamel of the natural tooth. The aesthetic crowns par excellence is those of LITIUM DISILIQUATE (e.g. “crowns e.max”).

These highly aesthetic treatments must be carried out by an expert professional who makes a correct assessment of the type of carving to be carried out, the number of crowns to be placed, the type of occlusion of the patient, etc…


In short, we will say that nowadays we can all aspire to have an attractive mouth and that the dentist is our best ally to successfully achieve this goal, which can make us feel better about ourselves and offer others the best gift: our smile. At Asisa Dental we offer you all these treatments so that you never stop smiling. Come to make your first visit for free and start your big change!

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